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Life is fast

The e.GO Life Sport takes the driving performance of the e.GO Life to the level of a real sports car. With larger wheels, a wider track and a lower centre of gravity the e.GO Life Sport takes full advantage of its rear-wheel drive and high torque powertrain. The design lines have been further intensified to underline its dynamic and powerful appearance by improving the aerodynamics at the same time. The newly developed sport suspension will bring the performance on the road.

1OO% driving excitement

The e.GO Life Sport will be equipped with the 80 kW electric motor from Bosch with a superior power-to-weight ratio and thrilling torque characteristics. The power supply for this performance powertrain is assured by the all new 3O kWh battery. The 17-inch rims, the lower centre of gravity around the negative roll axis, the lightly steered DeDion rear axle and the sportily tuned chassis guarantee great driving pleasure and superior driving dynamics performance.

Exclusive design

The optional 18-inch light-alloy rims especially designed for the Life Sport, the lowered front spoiler, the widened fenders and sills, the rear diffuser and the extended rear spoiler further improve the driving dynamics. The racing-red style elements and numerous features known from the motorsport segment mark the exclusive ambition of the e.GO Life Sport.

The e.GO Life Sport wants to attract attention. It is a progressive statement for innovation, joy of life and rationality at the same time, which is transferred to its owner and passengers.

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a day ago

Are they sold in the u.s.

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