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A sportcar built in the spirit and tradition of the Italian "carrozzeria". It combines both racing and tourism characteristics and represents the latest evolution of the concept of truncated tail. This car brings in nimbleness, aerodynamics and lightness, which are the chromosomes of Ercole Spada's cars and of Spadaconcept future models. According to Paolo Spada, this model might be the heir of the Alfa Romeo TZ  and it's built in a limited series based on Corvette chassis, on which will be applied a new coach and suspensions.

The Corvette mechanics and engine is also upgraded with a few high tech solutions by Spadaconcept and it's technical partners.

The Codatronca TS is a car that evokes incredible emotions. A super-sports coupe, made in a semi-artisanal manner by SVS (Spada Vetture Sport). It was first presented in Italy in September 2008 at the Monza Autodromo, while the absolute preview was at the Top Marques in Monaco in April of the same year. On that occasion, Damon Hill unveiled the car, which was awarded by the New York Times as the most beautiful car in the competition.

The idea comes from the audacity of Paolo and Ercole Spada, illustrious Italian automotive designers. The name Codatronca is a dive into the past for classic car enthusiasts, a tribute to the aerodynamic competition bodies that Ercole Spada applied to models such as the Giulietta SZ and Giulia TZ during his years at Zagato and Alfa Romeo.

The Codatronca TS itself is designed starting from the imposing rear, the most distinctive part due to the tail and the central dual exhaust terminal topped by a glass hood. The lines are few and clear and define a muscular, square and angular profile. The interiors also do not betray the supersports vocation, thanks to the racing-style steering wheel and ergonomic seats. A design of great impact that combines the sports tradition with inspiration absorbed from the world of aeronautics.

From a technical standpoint, the SVS Codatronca TS is powered by a 7-liter aluminum V8 engine, capable of producing a maximum power of 630 CV at a speed of 6,500 RPM. The transmission is six-speed and the engine is capable of pushing the car up to 340 km/h and reaching 100 km/h from a standstill in just 3,4 s.

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