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A new definition of luxury

Spada Impero is a conceptual presidential car. It is an extremely majestic vehicle designed for leaders or government officials. Spada Impero wants to offer safety and comfort to its passengers, which is why it is equipped with a fully bulletproof body, excellent NVH properties - noise, vibration, harshness - and a slim window blade that ensures privacy and discretion.

Spada Impero won’t go unnoticed. Impero rides the streets of major capital cities with extreme regality and sophistication. Combining hightech character with exclusivity and tradition.

It is equipped with driver assistance systems that are useful in everyday situations: they help to change speed, adjust distance, steer and change lanes according to the specific situation. The chauffeur therefore feels less stressed and reaches his destination safely. In the event of danger, driver assistance systems are able to react to the specific situation, preventing possible collisions or at least mitigating the consequences.


The side view emphasises a short front overhang and a long rear overhang, echoing the proportions of the limousines of the 1940s where the radiator was even positioned behind the front wheels, emphasising a dynamic forward thrust. In fact, although it is a vehicle that imposes itself on the streets with its 8.35 metre length, it is at the same time pure and elegant with its tail stretching out like a bride’s veil.

The architecture of the vehicle is based conceptually on the subdivision of an old-fashioned carriage where the seats of the chauffeur and passengers are clearly separated. SPADA IMPERO Presidential Concept Car This old-fashioned component is perfectly mixed with the gull-wing door that allows comfortable side access into the vehicle, showing the luxurious setup of the lounge.


The back section becomes a relaxing area. Inside, the lounge is designed for 2 to 4 people and it is separated from the chauffeur’s cabin by an interactive screen wall. Passengers inside the Spada Impero enjoy a fully immersive and customised experience.

The seats are designed with technology so that they can be moulded and the shape changes to embrace and fit the passenger. In addition, the seating surface can be adjusted independently of the backrest, and using the electrically removable leg rest creates a continuous surface to stretch out and recline. All this is supplemented by automated neck and shoulder heating. Alternatively, passengers can entertain themselves with IoT - Internet of Things - systems and video projections.

Spada Impero seduces its passengers into a luxurious and innovative ambience by using contrasts. Decorative elements in deep dark tones meet exclusive white bio leather inserts and LED lights, creating a cosy and sophisticated ambience.


Spada Impero is equipped with 200kw battery with a range extender made by a hydrogen turbine. It is a luxury three-box limousine characterised by a avant-garde design that matches the prestige of its passengers. Its distinguishing feature is its royalty and grandeur. The shapes are completely innovative and the dynamic lines take the eye in a completely new direction.

The vehicle design is dressed in two-tone (black and white). Clean volumes and dynamic lines create an unique object. Spada Impero is more than this. It offers a new experience, a new way of travelling, with entertainment and the latest technology.


Length 8.35m

Width 2.55m

Height 1.85m

Wheelbase 5.84m

Hydrogen engine

Front tyre 295/80R22.5

Rear tyre 315/80R22.5


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